At the turn of the year, there were three things that we knew were going to happen in 2018. Manchester City were going to win the Premier League in football, GDPR was going to come in on the 25th May and the New Electronic Bill of Costs was going to come in on 6th April.

Well two of these things haven’t yet happened, one because we are not yet at the 25th May and the other because a touch of the jitters has set in (although we still think that’s a certainty, too!)

As for the third element of our sure-fire bet, well it has already come to pass. What – you didn’t know? Yes, the 6th of April was almost a week ago.

A quick hands up out there. How many of you still haven’t had any training, or any proper training at least, on the new bill? That’s a lot of hands.

Now, stand on your desk and put your hand in the air, if you really haven’t got a clue about the new electronic bill and what you need to do to in practice, to ensure that you time record in the correct manner, so as to be able to produce (or so that your costs draftsmen can produce for you) the new format bill?

Oh dear. More of you than we thought. Mind how you go as you get down off the table!

Right. Don’t panic. This is where we get serious. Read and take action.

  1. Kate Benn-Mack of R Costings has produced a cracking, in depth article about the new e-bill. It’s such a good article that the ‘Personal Injury Law Journal’ decided to publish it. That’s for subscribers only, but email carl@rcostings.co.ukand we’ll send you a copy.
  2. Although Kate’s article is brilliant, if you are one of those that stood on the table with your hand in the air, the article alone is probably not enough to send you off into the electronic ether for ever more, happy in the knowledge that you know everything there is to know about the new e-bill, so;

Take advantage of one of the in-house seminars, that we have already been undertaking up and down the country for solicitors, on all things appertaining to the new E bill (and which we have been getting some super feedback, on). Our seminars are full of practical advice about what you as a solicitor need to do from now on, to ensure that your bills can be produced in seamless fashion. We are going to continue to offer a number of seminars for a limited time going forwards, even though the 6th April has passed, because we know there are solicitors and other legal practitioners out there who would benefit greatly from attending one. Don’t delay any longer. Email carl@rcostings.co.uk and let’s get a date booked in. Now.

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