Professional Deputies are being encouraged to ensure that any Bills of Costs relating to General Management are drafted as soon as possible,  following the end of the reporting period, in line with the Office of Public Guardian’s new approach, that all Annual Reports (OPG102) are to include a copy of the former year’s Final Costs Certificate.

The new approach adopted by the Office of Public Guardian came into effect on the 1st September 2021.

As Professional Deputies and those associated with the Court of Protection are already aware, significant delays are currently being experienced at the SCCO, when bills are filed for assessment.  It is therefore essential that Professional Deputies provide a Bill of Costs to the SCCO, for assessment, soon after the Annual Report is filed, to avoid any additional delay.

For clarification, if a Deputy is filing an Annual Report for the billing period 2020/2021, the former year’s Final Costs Certificate will need to be attached to this (i.e. the Final Costs Certificate covering the period 2019/2020).

If you have any queries in relation to the above, please do contact us, or please come and have a chat with our specialist Court of Protection team at our forthcoming Costs Conference on November 16th.  If you haven’t yet booked your place at the R Costings Costs Conference, please follow the link below.

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Written by Rebecca Doul, Senior Costs Draftsman

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