Lee Ellison

Lee Ellison

Operations Manager and Senior Costs Lawyer

Lee joined R. Costings in 2005 having previously been employed with a leading Insurance Company and shortly after attained rights of audience at Court to conduct litigation following his qualification as a Costs Lawyer and has over 15 years experience in the legal costs industry. Lee has an all round knowledge of legal costs representing both Claimant and Defendant’s interests providing an advantage when advocating at Court to justify or oppose claims for costs.

As a Senior Costs Lawyer, Lee has and continues to be involved in numerous high value cases with involvement at the early stages to include costs budgeting, CCMC’s right through to Bill preparation and concluding settlement of costs. Lee has an extensive background and knowledge of cases involving clinical negligence, high value personal injury, commercial, Court of Protection and Solicitor and own client matters.

Lee’s day to day work as a Senior Costs Lawyer often involves preparation of costs budgets and has become a key part of the firm in facilitating clients requirements. Lee also deals with cases through the entire assessment procedure whether this is by way of provisional or Detailed Assessment and regularly advocates at Detailed Assessments, Oral hearings and CCMC’s nationwide.

In his role as Operations Manager, Lee is involved in the training and development of staff and fulfilling client requirements adopting a face to face approach and assisting to streamline processes. Lee has also prepared articles for legal journals on costs issues and has provided costs talks on subjects of interest.