The SCCO has today published their updated Guide, the last being in 2018. The most significant updates of course including the changes we have seen in the last 3 years to electronic filing across the Courts. Many, if not all of the changes are ones that we are already familiar with at R Costings. However, here is a handy summary of some of the main amendments;

  • Group listings currently suspended
  • Precedent Q to be served with notice of commencement
  • Format of the POD where in response to an electronic bill should categorise the items objected to
  • Parties are invited to supply an email address to the Court for the outcome of a provisional assessment to be emailed
  • Section 14 generally deals with the changes to lodging electronic papers as does section 27 in the COP
  • Section 33.5 provides update as to the assessment of Legal Aid costs now undertaken by the LAA: Remember however there is a Judicial review regarding the change in process for assessments (costs exceeding £2,500) to be undertaken in-house and currently there is the option to choose whether costs are assessed either by the LAA or SCCO. The review is expected to run next month – February, with a decision expected in March/April 2021.

The SCCO Guide is also a handy tool for all costs practitioners to follow to ensure the costs assessment process is adhered to quickly and professionally ensuring the fastest recovery of costs for your Client. You can access the full guide here; Senior Courts Costs Office Guide – the 2021 version is now available | Courts and Tribunals Judiciary

If we can assist you with any of your costing needs or just simply queries, please don’t hesitate to contact Kate Benn at or telephone 01480 463 499.

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