Are You Ready For the new electronic bill of costs

The New Electronic Bill of Costs is Coming – Are You Ready?

The new electronic bill of costs will be mandatory from 6th April 2018.

As a solicitor, you may be well prepared. Alternatively you may not be prepared at all. What is for certain, this is a new era for solicitors and cost experts, alike that cannot be left until the last minute to get to grips with.

That’s why we at R Costings have been getting ready for the new bill format’s introduction, for many months now – that has meant getting up to speed with the new rules both in principle and in practice. We have been trialling the preparation of bills, using the new format, in recent months so that come the 6th of April 2018, we are ready to move from one system to the next, as seamlessly as possible. As with all new methods of working there will continue to be challenges thrown up for some period of time, but that is to be accepted. What as a firm of costs experts, we will not be lacking is the knowledge and experience surrounding the adoption of the new method of bill drafting, as a whole. If you as a solicitor or other fee earner within a firm of solicitors would like to  tap into that knowledge, just get in touch.

You will doubtless have many questions that you want answering, perhaps the most important for a solicitor in practice being;

‘How do I time record in a manner that fits in with the requirements of the new bill drafting methods?”


” Do I need to alter the way that I run a case, in any other way (than the above)?”

R Costings experts can help you with the answers to these and many more questions that you may have.

We can even arrange to come in and talk to your fee earners about the new format and ways of working to ensure that they are ready for the 6th April.

The temptation for many legal practitioners will be to put the issue of the new electronic bill format deadline to one side, for the time being. After all the preparation of bills for a while after that date will not differ much from the existing format, so there’s plenty of time, isn’t there?


Now is the time to get up to speed with the new electronic bill format and the good news for those practitioners who are not ready, is that the costs experts at R Costings are. Don’t put off until April what you need to be addressing NOW. Get in touch with our costs experts on 01480 463499 or via email at “