Free, Nationwide, In-house Legal Document Courier Service

“We love all the drivers equally.  It’s a friendly service and they are always happy to help.  They make time to ask how your day is going and are always a pleasure to deal with.  We look forward to seeing them each day.”

Our offices in St. Ives, Cambridgeshire, offer easy access to the country’s leading transport routes and so are the perfect base for our team of in-house legal document couriers.

With daily deliveries and collections from London, Manchester, Sheffield & Birmingham and regular trips across the U.K. each week including visits to Bristol, Cardiff, Newcastle and the South Coast, our courier team can play a big part in helping you improve your turnaround times.

Last year, our couriers covered over 250,000 miles. That’s enough to drive around the globe, Ten Times!


Many firms offering similar courier services contract the job out to external couriers. With our team, you’ll have security and peace of mind, knowing that your files are in safe hands from the minute they leave your office, until they are safely returned – completely free of charge.

Request a Collection Online

You can use the form on this page to request a collection from your office. If you are not on a route already currently serviced daily, collections can usually be arranged within 48 hours of your request. Please bear this in mind when selecting your preferred collection date.

Once submitted, our Transport Manager will contact you to confirm he has received your request and give you an estimated time of collection.

Urgent Collections

When there are urgent jobs that just can’t wait, simply call Transport Manager Greig Sarath on 01480 463499. He can often arrange collection the next day – sometimes sooner if we have a driver that’s not far away.

“I find all of your drivers to be very reliable, friendly and helpful. They visit our office daily and always arrive with a smile,providing a great first point of contact for R Costings’ collection/delivery service..”

Meet our In-House Courier Team

Request a Collection

If you would like to request a collection by one of our couriers, please fill out the form below:

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