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As legal costs specialists, we offer a Win-Win-Win solution;

  • Reducing your expenditure by maximising recovery of your legal costs
  • Enabling your fee earners to increase revenue by freeing them to concentrate on live files
  • Adding this value, without incurring any further costs to you, by recovering the costs for our services from your opponent

Our highly dedicated team of Cost Lawyers, Law Costs Draftsmen and Legal Costs Consultants, offer a wealth of experience in all areas of law. We pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive, reliable and efficient legal costs service and understand the importance of securing a favourable outcome in every case.

Legal Costs Services We Offer

Service of Court Documents

We can issue Notice of Commencement, Part 8 Applications and any other standalone Application that may be required.

Attendance at Clients’ Offices

We can attend client offices to deliver training seminars, presentations, informal talks and general costs advice. This can include setting up of protocols to streamline Solicitors’ working practices, budgets & targets if required.

Benefits to Your Business

  • Bespoke Service Tailored Specifically to Your Needs
  • Custom Management Information Reports
  • Improve Cashflow by Maximising Costs Recovery
  • Recover Our Charges from Your Opponent
  • Earn Success Fees on Our Work
  • We Can Negotiate & Collect Payment For You
  • Improve Turnaround Whilst Freeing Fee Earners
  • Free Door-to-Door Collection & Return of Your Files

The costs of our services can be recovered from your opponent, including those incurred when we collect payment on your behalf. You can also earn success fees on the work we undertake for you.

Improve your cashflow whilst freeing your fee- earners to do what they do best. Call us on 01480 463499 to discuss your legal costs requirements, or email us using the contact form.

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